Hello I'm glad to see you've
decided to check out our site.
Let me tell you how I came to be
known as Santa .I was visiting a
friend one afternoon when a
woman stopped by with her son.
We were sitting at the kitchen
table talking when I noticed the
young tyke watching me,I looked
at him and said Hello, the next
thing he said was, "You look
like Santa." I leaned over and
told him "you want to know a
secret, Santa is my Grandpa when
I get older and my hair and
beard turn white I get to be
Santa".Well that day has come .
People started calling me Santa
. When  November arrived I
started wearing a Santa hat
everywhere I went. I could be in
a restaurant or shopping at the
Mall, parents and grandparents
would bring the little ones over
to see me. I don't know who was
enjoying it more me or them . A
friend of mine gave me a card
from a man that runs a business
booking Santa's for parties . I
then had my first chance to be a
real Santa.
When I saw the joy Santa brings
to the children I decided to
bring as much happiness as
possible into the lives of the
children . Although some
children are afraid of Santa,You
can still make believers out of
others . In 2005 I acquired all
required  licences to be
your personal Santa.
Sacramento county licence #324181

Sacramento county special business licence #629046